Unforgettable New York City Tours and Attractions

New York City Tour and Events

The city that allegedly never sleeps, it is known to be the core of the American dream. This is a tourist attraction hub with out of the world experiences. Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find it here. Below are some wonderful places I have gathered for you to ensure your New York City tour will be the best time of your life.

New York City Attractions

  • Statue of liberty– There is absolutely no way you will visit New York and not get to see the liberty “Enlighten the world” this is a very well known symbol of New York which symbolizes freedom. This makes it historical and I guarantee you, you would like to be a part of it. To make the history even better, you should probably get to it by a ferry accompanied by a tour guide; this will be so worth your time and the best part is, you can take pictures if you like, make the memory concrete.
  • Central park– This is another one of those cool attractions in New York City you should go see. We have all seen it in movies and if not, we have heard of it, but there is more to the Central Park than fame, it is by far one of the most beautiful places in New York and the biggest park in Manhattan. It has a lake, a garden, a beautiful boathouse and a lot more. It should be included in your “must see places in New York” list.
  • Rockefeller– There are a lot of shops and restaurants here that are just amazing but, the most attractive attraction of all is the Observation deck at the top of the Rockefeller center from where you can see the city from a 360 degree view. You could visit here any time of your choice, day or night.
  • Café Sabarsky– For your delicious delight, you should go have coffee, tea, pastries or Viennese dishes here. Yes, there are a lot of great coffee places in New York but this one, located at the Neue Galerie stands out from the rest.
  • Yankee stadium– For those of you who happen to love sports then this is a must see. No, It is not limited to sport lovers because it’s a wonder in itself, it has some of the best architectural pieces and it is full of history as well

Events in New York City

  • New York International Auto Show- This is one of the top automobile trade shows in New York, it serves as a good business interaction platform for the professionals but it is an ideal place to visit as well
  • Spa show- This is by far one of the best shows hosted in New York. Here you learn a lot about wellness and health
  • Central park summer stage- This is a tradition since 1986 where artists represent a breadth of genres and perform in a setting where everyone can attend.
  • Yankees and Mets baseball game– This is a summer time game in New York and nothing give you a New York experience better than this. All you have to do is get yourself a ticket.

Broadway shows in New York City

  • Musical Broadway- You should catch a glimpse of the Broadway musical. It could be difficult to choose which one since they are quite many but they are all worth the experience.
  • Mamma Mia- If you are a fan of ABBA’s music then you will very much enjoy this show. A story of a woman who before getting married, seeks to know the individuality of her father. It is a pleasurable broad way shoe that has been watched by a lot of people who have gone out of their way to commend it.
  • Phantom of the opera- this is a melodious supernatural portray of love, seduction and despair. It has been done for the past 15 years and it gets better every time. You could also watch the hairspray if you are more in a light mood.
  • Wicked or the Lion King- In case you have the kids with you then these shows will simply awe them.

It might get hard to choose which attraction you want to partake in  but they are all good and you will not regret any of them. In any case, some of these things you will only find in a New York City tour. Experience some activities while you have the chance.
Here is one way to get into the city by car. Watch this video.

Brooklyn Vacation Rentals: Tips on Renting Apartments for Vacations

Brooklyn Vacation RentalsVacation is what many people look forward to. Vacation helps you to regain your strength, improves your mental performance, and creates an avenue to spend time with those you love. Of course, all these will not be possible if you make the wrong choice regarding where to spend your vacation. To enjoy your vacation, you need the right apartment or accommodation that will help you to relax.

Some people have chosen to rent hotel room for their vacation, while others prefer a vacation home. Renting apartment other than a hotel is far better for some reasons (we will talk about this shortly). If it is your desire to rent an apartment for your vacation, you are on the right path.

Brooklyn vacation rentals may be the right place to begin your search. If you are taking a short vacation trip with your family or alone, then you need an apartment for that short period instead of a hotel. Searching for such an apartment offering short time services will require you spending time to do research and parting with a bit of your cash. To make your task easier, we are going to show you some tips you can use to get the right apartment and why going for apartment is far better than renting a hotel room for your vacation.

Effective tips for renting apartment for vacation

  • Check Online Advertisement: The best way to start your search of getting a good vacation home is by browsing the online advertisements for apartments available in the place you intend to go for vacation like Brooklyn vacation rentals. Starting online is good because most of the apartments are advertised there and you can take a closer look at the apartment right from your bedroom. Besides, you will be able to find out facilities that are available on the apartment.
  • Make a List and Contact the Owners: Look through the available apartments and select close to 5, then contact the owners individually and confirm the availability of the apartment during the time of your visit. Vacation rentals by owner give you opportunity to find out as much as you can about the services that are available. Take into consideration every point they make about the apartment and also find out the cost for the period.
  • Schedule a Visit: It is best to plan visiting the owner and check the location of the property you have selected among the list of vacation rentals by owner in order to confirm the claims of the owner.
  • Make Your Booking: After you might have thoroughly inspected the location, the quality of the rooms that you are going to stay in and all other facilities in the house, proceed to make your booking. You are now ready for your vacation!

That is it. The processes are not difficult and if you follow them, all will be well with your vacation. So, what advantages does renting an apartment in Brooklyn has over a hotel?

Convenience: Renting an apartment is more convenient than a hotel because you will have kitchen where you can cook your own food. You will be able to enjoy the same comforts as you enjoy at your home.

Reasonable Cost: Renting an apartment is generally cheaper than hotel. Hotel charges may be above your budget or what you can reasonably afford. Some hotel services may be included in your bills which are not present with apartment renting.

Good Location: Some hotels are located near the airport and you may not enjoy your stay due to noise from airplane. Apartment gives you opportunity to choose a quite location.